Sex will Always Exist

One of Israel's transsexual soldiers converting to Orthodox Judaism

This book was published in response to the newfound freedom of the youth to change their sex and gender.


Till recently, we were all assigned a sex and a supposedly corresponding gender at birth, with no control over the former until adulthood. However, is anyone actually born a man or a woman, or do we become one? In today’s reality, we can reject the sex and gender we were born with and change it. Due to recent advancements in medicine, this decision is no longer confined to adults, but to the young as well.


Following a transsexual woman, Aviya, who is converting to Judaism while volunteering in the Israeli Defence Forces, we catch a rare glimpse from the inside, of the relationship between religion, sex and gender.


We are part of a new wave where it is becoming increasingly more common to be transsexual. How do we look at sex and gender, and how important is it to our community? Will sex always exist?



“I would rather be a beautiful accident than an ugly blueprint."

-Aviya Eschenazi


On the 11th of April, The Jewish Museum in Oslo in collaboration with Nora Savosnick hosted a panel debate with the photobook ”Sex will Always Exist” as the baseline. The panel consisted of the Orthodox rabbi Joav Melchior, the Muslim author Sercan Leylek, feminist theologian and priest Gyrid Gunnes, and transactivist Christine Marie Jentoft. Journalist Bjørn Gabrielsen moderated the debate.


The debate created a candid room about “Sex and gender roles in light of religion and historical development.”

I am proud that the audience consisted of a variety of backgrounds and cultures; Among them Christians, Muslims, Jews, non-believers, old people, young people, people that identify with their biological genders, as well as those who do not.  

In the future, I wish to create more rooms like this.

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