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About me

Foto: Anna Watts

Nora Savosnick was born in Oslo, Norway. Having grown up hiding her Jewish identity, after high school she began an internship with Flash90 in Israel, reporting on the LGBTQ community in Tel Aviv and documenting the life of a transgender female soldier who wanted to convert to Orthodox Judaism. Her book version of the project was selected by the National Museum of Photography in Norway for the exhibit “Bending the Frame.” Later, while studying in a Norwegian art school, she created an exhibit based on epigenetic findings suggesting that trauma can be passed down to future generations, using her own MRI scans and alternative color darkroom photograms in combination with the color patterns Nazis used to identify people in concentration camps. In 2018, she received a scholarship from Reuters to attend the International Center for Photography in New York. There she co-created “Blood is Not Water,” a collaboration with Hasidic Jews transitioning to a more secular life. This story led to her selection by the Norwegian Journal of Photography to document the lives of Jews across Europe. She is based in New York and Norway.


Contact: +1 917-543-3819
Email: n.savosnick@gmail.com


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